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horsenut.comhorsenut.com is the online home of horsenut™ Northroots Marketing, a company founded by Canadian visual artist and graphic designer Fae Knott.

Fae drew horses since childhood and sold her first equestrian drawing as a teenager. Her passion for horses developed through owning and working with a number of equine companions over the years. This love and knowledge of horses combined with Fae's artistic skills resulted in the development of Northroots Marketing.

Fae created original graphic designs for a wide range of clothing, accessories, stationery and giftware for the equine inclined (horse nuts), for more than 25 years. Her selective product line has something to offer everyone who loves horses and appreciates sophisticated design and quality products.

Fae concentrated her efforts on creating and producing a line of high-end equestrian apparel, accessories  and giftware with product quality of prime importance.

Watercolor painting was also important to Fae, and being a keen environmentalist, she used nature for inspiration, concentrating on the natural beauty of Ontario landscapes.

Fae's design skills were also employed on a free-lance basis, covering a diverse range of subject areas. Living near Stratford, Ontario, home to the world-class Stratford Festival, made souvenir shirts for tourists an obvious fit and this led to the creation and supply of product reflecting Shakespearean themes to the Theatre's gift shop.

Fae also designed branded clothing for Heartland, the CBC television drama series based on an equestrian storyline, set in western Canada.



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